Midwest UX 2014 Recap: Wayfinding on the Web

Both employed by Indiana University's Process eXperience Architecture (PXA) department, Tara Bazler and Chris Basham (@chrisbasham) cover many parallels between navigating forests and the wilderness of the web. Many of the theories will be familiar to anyone who has ever taken library science courses or practiced information architecture for a few years. For those who have not this talk offers the perfect gateway into Peter Morville's writings.

Read on to learn more about the parallels between physical wayfinding and the digital world.

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Form Follows Forces

If you are like me you had never heard of Horsey Horseless before World IA Day. A strange hybrid created during the awkward transition from buggy to automobile it is a failure at both.

In showing how the information revolution has followed a faster paced track of the industrial revolution Dan Klyn and Abby Covert did an excellent job of framing the problems facing the community.

My notes from the talk are presented below.