Samples below represent a range of deliverables created for past projects to demonstrate ideation, documentation, and completion on a variety of platforms. For additional examples or to get in contact regarding opportunities contact me.

 Sample data model for Archival Repository

Sample data model for Archival Repository

Data Modeling

This sample represents a subset of a larger data model created to map concepts from multiple ontologies for long term preservation of digital content. The mappings document the intended use for each field as well as expected output from the system when shared with external services.

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Site Maps

Site map example for nonprofit orngaization

As part of a redesign for a local nonprofit I reviewed the existing site to identify existing features which were important. Additionally the new content management system allowed for extra functionality which was also accounted for during the process.


Wireframes are an important deliverable in any design process. The examples below show both low and medium fidelity examples from a project to archive and manage multimedia content for large organizations such as universities.

These wireframes walk through the process of loading content into the system. During the process the user is able to alternate between different types of content, preload metadata by importing information from external systems, and validate the process before the content is published.

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These wireframes documents interaction with the video playback component of the repository system. Notations explain the experience for different classes of users as they watch and download content for education use.

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