A graduate from Kent State University's IAKM program, I hold degrees in library science and user experience design. While my career has focuses primarily on academic libraries to date I look for opportunities to develop positive experiences for libraries, museums, archives, and other resources which serve a community. When time permits I follow current trends by reading sites such as A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, and Weave UX. When I've got opportunities I also pick up the latest Rosenfeld Media title to stay up to date.

In my spare time my hobbies include long distance cycling, craft beer, and exploring the classic works of writers such as Mark Twain and James Joyce. Recent cycling trips have taken me all the way up the Mississippi River as well as up some of the most challenging climbs in southern France. it is a lifetime goal to try to touch my wheel to the ground in all 48 continental states although I have quite a ways to go.