Midwest UX 2014 Recap: Wayfinding on the Web

Both employed by Indiana University's Process eXperience Architecture (PXA) department, Tara Bazler and Chris Basham (@chrisbasham) cover many parallels between navigating forests and the wilderness of the web. Many of the theories will be familiar to anyone who has ever taken library science courses or practiced information architecture for a few years. For those who have not this talk offers the perfect gateway into Peter Morville's writings.

Read on to learn more about the parallels between physical wayfinding and the digital world.

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Animated sliding tabs in CSS3

I was thinking about different effects today that can be used to make design a little more playful with minimal work. After looking at a few sites I began to wonder just how hard it would be to implement a sliding tab. As it turns out all you really need is a handful of CSS3. Within ten minutes you too can add more interactive effects without relying on Flash or jQuery.
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10 Things Every Designer Should Know (NEOUPA)

On October 18th I attended an presentation by Susan Weinschenk on the Top 10 Things That Every Designer Needs to Know About People. Thanks to both NEOUPA and Metrics Marketing for organizing this excellent event. I am looking forward to learning more about the topic at World Usability Day as well as picking up her book 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People.

Read on to learn what advice she has for designers and developers. Maybe they will whet your appetite to learn more as much they did for me.

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