Adventures in typography

While walking through the airport lobby I run across one of the most striking uses of typography that I have seen in a long time. Using only a single type face design students from around the area created reproductions of well known landmarks. To me this is the perfect example of how the right typeface can set a tone. To see all the entries go to Type City Cleveland.


Lolly the TrolleyBookman

 This example recreates a local icon rolling along a city street. The light touch around the grill and the almost realistic streetlamp bring this particular scene to life. Even in black and white you can imagine it trundling along full of passengers.





Cleveland Museum of ArtItalian Old Style

 Blowing this one up to full size the effort that went into creating the symmetrical appearance of the building is amazing. From tiny points for detailed to the large glpyhs that make up the stairs the attention to detail makes you feel as if you are there. For reference here is a picture of the museum's facade (Flickr).



Agora TheaterEstilo

 My favorite aspect of this particular rendering is the use of white space to create the marquee. Once again the use of different scales creates a vivid perspective that makes you feel as if you are standing on the sidewalk looking up at the sign.





These are only three of the many award winning designs posted to the site. If anyone ever tells you that typography is boring or just a last minute detail just point them to this collection. Anybody that cannot appreciate the beauty of typography after seeing these is a lost cause.