Just do it

 I've gone through many iterations trying to get that "just right" presentation. Now it's time to step out, take a risk, and just go for it. This site represents an attempt to synthesize several years of ideas and experience into something that might be valuable to others besides myself. Besides a place to boost my ego by posting portfolio pieces I hope to start a discussion on how user experience can go beyond the web to improving all our daily contact points.

My history as a programmer gives me some good insight into the "quick and dirty" mentally that pervades the mentality of many people even today. Despite the rise of concepts like "information architecture", "visual design", "user experience", and "usability" there still seems to be a big disconnect between what is going on and the potential for better experiences. Originally I thought that the library domain would be fertile ground. However I see the need for change everywhere I go. 

It might get messy but isn't change always? Bear with me on this wild ride as I share my day to day experiences trying to solve the tricky and difficult problems out there.