World IA Day 2018

World IA Day, the international celebration of the practice of information architecture once again took over Kent, OH for a day of talks by local practitioners, librarians, and others. Talks from other locations can be streamed from Youtube by following WorldIADay.


The Ultimate Guide to ADA Compliance for Website Accessibility

There are many myths floating around the Internet about the difficulty of making web sites accessible for people with different types of disabilities. Too Bertsch, a local web designer and consultant, unpacks practical ways that any designer can make their creations more accessible along with tools for identifying problems.

Empathy in Collaboration

It is a time honored tradition that clients blame vendors when communication breaks down and that vendors do the same towards clients. Jay Oldaker leans on experience as a consultant to explain how we can bridge the client / vendor gap and come to shared understanding and successful outcomes rather than finger pointing.



Building Your IA / UX Bookshelf

Libraries are a valuable resource for more than just checking out the latest movie or getting some beach reading. Jennifer Stencel from the Richfield Public Library shares resources from the Akron / Summit County collections which might be helpful to anyone practicing user experience in the wild. Additionally she explains how we can build our own small pop up libraries within our departments as a means to encourage others to develop their skills and stay current.

Editors Are People Too

When thinking about the experience of using a content management system much effort is expended creating accessible and usable designs for visitors. Seldom do designers stop to think about the content creation process. Why should it take six steps to add a simple pull quote to an article? Christopher Hallahan demonstrates how designers can adapt their content management interfaces for submitters by breaking down content, hiding extraneous options, and encouraging reuse of content rather than requiring lots of copy and pasting.