World Usability Day 2015

The 10th annual World Usability Day celebrated the theme of Innovation. UXPA Cleveland held an all day event at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo with a number of speakers presenting on variations of the theme.


Let’s Get Real - Creating Tangible Experiences

There is more to user experience than creating a bunch of wireframes and digital layouts. What can we do to make sure that projects outlive our time on them? Marli Mesibov suggests that we keep a simple checklist which others can pick up to figure out the context of our work.



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Eye Tracking in Practice

Watching where people look can provide meaningful feedback on which parts of a design work best and which need more work. These days it can be done with something as small and unobtrusive as a pair of glasses. However the feedback we get still requires context and understanding. Andrew Schall demystifies how to do this in practice.