World IA Day 2015

World IA Day takes place every February in locations worldwide as a free celebration of information architecture. The nearest location took place in Kent, OH and featured a stellar lineup of local presenters.

Serendipity by Design (Brian Donovan).jpg

Serendipity by Design

How can we design for serendipity? Accidental discovery does not happen by sheer chance but is designed as much as a linear flow. Brain Donovan addresses this in a deep dive into the process of creating open experiences that let users “know when they found it”.


Joyful Error Messages and Other Musings

Recovering gracefully from errors requires intentional design. Trying to make them playful and eliminating user frustrations is even harder. Nicole Capuana delves into how to focus on the details even when they are things we hope that users never experience.




Joyful Error Messages and Other Musings (Nicole Capriana).jpg